Fiverr warning why?

To check the account issues visit this Link and Check your Fiverr account Issues.

On there you can see 2 Options:

  1. Got a warning
  2. Account was disabled

After working for a long time we forgot about did we got any warning anytime OR if your account was disabled.

There are Three kinds of warning systems on Fiverr

  • 1st warning: You will be reminded of Fiverr’s Terms of Service—repeat violations may result in account suspension.
  • A 2nd warning of the same type: Account suspension.
  • A 2nd warning of a different type for leveled sellers: Account demotion.
  • 3 warnings of any type: Account suspended.

There are Two kinds of disabled accounts on Fiverr

  1. Restricted (The account is partially disabled)
  2. Permanently Disabled (The account was disabled and will not be restored)


To Know Why You Receive a Warning Read This

How to deactivate or permanently delete your account


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